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Content Management System

Platform gives you the ability to update your website as well as other media such as your intranet or extranet. Content is kept current and supports the demands of your business. We have our own customized CMS that is developed to achieve general purpose of website operation. Our easy to use, browser-based interface will sustain your universal business activities. It allows you to communicate more effectively over the web in a user friendly and cost effective manner. Platform offers more than just editing your web pages. It separates design from content to make updating your information as easy as filling out a simple form. The aesthetics of your website can be edited simply by changing templates which will not affect any of your website content. Features include: News can be uploaded as often as you wish to keep your website up to date with new information. Content searches make finding specific content easy to find for users with little time to read through large amounts of content. Events calendars are handy tools especially for websites within the exhibition or event industries. Image galleries are a great way to manage your image library offering visuals to accompany your content. Documents can be uploaded for your visitors to download and FAQ’s can easily be managed. Multi language functionality allows visitors to view your website in the languages if your choice making it particularly appealing to the global market. The multi currency functionality allows visitors to convert the prices of tour packages into their home currency.